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Does The Gymnasium still offer free coaching?

Yes! While we do have options on this website for more frequent coaching and different types, we still offer our usual free lectures and 1 on 1 coaching at for Overwatch and for Rainbow 6 Siege.

Where can I watch live sessions I missed out on? 

You can watch them uploaded on our youtube channel! Click here.


Why can't I book multiple hours at the same time? 

I'm interested in joining The Gymnasium staff, how can I?

We have a page where you can signup to be a content creator or coach! Click here to see more!
While you can book multiple hours in a row with multiple transactions, booking multiple hours in the same transaction is not something offered by Wix, the website builder we used for this site. We are currently working to find a workaround!

Who can I contact if I need help? 

You can ask for help by DM'ing Whistle#6475 or Sument#1304 on Discord.
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