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Overwatch Coaches


Eski has been a part of T3/4.5k since the game's launch and after retiring at the end of OW1 he is now coaching for us! His strengths are Open Questioning, Positive Feedback, and Macro Game Knowledge.


Gabe spent a year scrimming at the 4.4k level on both support and DPS and has reached Grandmaster on all roles. He specializes in Goal Setting, Matchup Knowledge and Theorycrafting!


Coach Whistle is a long time veteran coach in T3/4.5k+. His main skills are Reasoning Explanation, In Game Tech, and Job Reinforcement!


After a long career as a player with some high level placings, Loyn has joined us as a coach. His strengths lie in Team Building, Synergy, and Mental Calmness.


Peach has spent a lot of time in our coach training program and has a lot of experience in scrims! He focuses on In Game Communication, Individual Decision Making, and Mindset!
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